Monday, 16 May 2016

My Wanderings - 32. Short story No.14. The Same story of Generations

            Ajay was living in a small Town with his mother. His father had already left this mortal world when Ajay was a small  child. His mother had brought him up single handedly with much love and affection after the sudden  demise  of  her husband. The perpetual  care of mother had made Ajay  more dependent on her and a little pampered one. When Ajay slept in bed at night she used to kiss his forehead and make unique gestures to ward off evil eye on him. But Ajay was an intelligent young man and had interest in art and literature. He used to write poems and make landscapes. After completing his graduation and learning some computer courses Ajay wanted to try his luck and make his career in some metropolitan city. As a matter of fact his real uncle was a CEO of some multinational Company and was living at Bombay. But he had hardly visited them after the death of Ajay's father. Perhaps he was too busy in making his career that he had forgotten his roots. However, Ajay decided to pay a  visit  to him  at Bombay and consequently look for  a job for himself there. When Ajay left his home, his mother gave him a small parcel of home made pickles and jams to be presented to his uncle as gift.
When Ajay reached his uncles residence at Mumbai,  his uncle made him to wait for an hour before he gave him an  interview. He was surprised to see  the disposition of his uncle who appeared to be in the age group  of early fifties,  with short but stout stature,  emanating  an air of arrogance and a person  of few words. Being a bachelor he advised his valet to take care of Ajay and dismissed the meeting. While Ajay wanted to handover gifts to his uncle but the latter advised him to give them to his valet so that he can dispose them off as nobody was taking such things here. Ajay was disgusted with the unemotional   attitude of his  uncle which was beyond his  expectations and comprehension.
Next day Ajay' s  uncle came to know about  the purpose of  Ajay's visit. He enquired about the qualification of Ajay and his hobbies. His uncle  told him plainly that only his little bit of computer knowledge will help him in finding a job here. Further he advised Ajay to gift him with his paintings and pieces of literature. Ajay felt elated and handed over all the pieces of literature and art to his uncle. But his uncle ordered his valet to throw away these things in the dust bin. Ajay implored his uncle deseperately not to destroy his things as he cherished them very much. But his uncle replied him sternly that you have already gifted them to me. It is my discretion now to dispose them  off as per my wish.
After sometime Ajay was appointed in one of the computer companies on the recommendations of his  uncle. He told Ajay to join the. job next day and arrange for his separate  lodging and boarding within a fortnight. He also told him that if he worked honestly there, he can have better prospectus in future.  Further he advised him never come to me for money and last but not the least advise from his uncle was not to make a folly of ever falling in love with some girl.
Ajay joined his duties but could not enjoy his job. Moreover, his uncle's personality haunted him and he could not appreciate  his extreme practical behaviour. After sometime he was in love with a girl in his office and confided  his uncle about his affair. His uncle apprised Ajay with all the conversation he had with his beloved. Oh uncle, you were listening to all our  conversation, said Ajay.
I had no other job but to listen to your foolish, conversation. Every one knows what the love birds talk about, retorted back his uncle.
But love affair of Ajay lasted for few months only because of his own folly. He would fight with another friend of the girl who appeared to him much smarter than himself. Though his uncle advised him not to fight with his adversary but to defeat him with his logical arguments. The girl did not tolerate the behaviour of Ajay and left him for ever for her another friend. He could not also adjust himself smoothly with his job. His aspirations were much higher as compared to his humble job. Finally he was so much dejected with his career and affair that he left his job and returned to his village. He remained in frustration  for so many months there. Then he began to collect the information about  his uncle when he was living in the village. He could gather that his uncle was very much emotional type of person in his youth. He was in love with the younger sister of his mother. But  he could not marry her because he was so timid to disclose his love for her and she got married to another person. He was never so practical type of person in his native village when he was young.
Ajay after living in his native village for a year or so as a failure  left for Mumbai again to achieve success. This time he did not meet his uncle. He found a job for himself and started making his career. After completion of five years he was successful enough to meet his uncle. Now Ajay had become a practical man just like his uncle with out any scope for emotions. But he was surprised to see his uncle who was a married man now had become sentimental person.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

My Wanderings - 31. Short story - 13. My Friend Narendra

Narendra was my friend philosopher and guide. Actually we were class fellows. His father was a great devotee of Swami Vivekananda. Perhaps his father had named him after the great saint. Narendera  was very intelligent as per his knowledge and worldly wisdom was concerned. He could solve mathematical equations  in minutes. He introduced me to the world class authors and philosophers. He was the fastest reader. He could read a book from first page to the last within few hours and amazed me sometimes with his deep comprehensive  and analytical skills on each and every subject.  But he was mediocre in studies. I sometimes wondered why he could not score distinctions as he  was able to  astonish  his teachers and guides due  to his vast knowledge and grasping power. He was also having a rebellious type of  character right from the beginning . He would normally revolt against the rituals and customs  prevelent in the society.  He never appeared to be career conscious. His parents worried about his indifferent attitude towards life. They usually consulted me if they noticed some unusual feature in his behaviour. He was extra ordinary person and not interested in living a scheduled life. Perhaps he wanted to do something different. He was in search for a proper guide to show him the right path.
One day he left his home for good to the much disappointment of his family and friends. His family looked after him for several days to find some clue about his whereabouts and reasons for his sudden elopement.  But he had left with out advising any of his friends or a family member. After a month of this episode,  I received a detailed letter from Narendera about his welfare. He had moved to upper hilly areas of Rishikesh near Hardwaar in search of a Guru and had met several yogis and Mystics  of highest order living there . He had to live with out food and walk on foot for  several days to reach the upper reaches of Himalayas. He would sit on the banks of river Ganga flowing  through the Himalayas for hours together in deep deliberation  for realising self.  For many days he had to live on the water of Ganga only. The purpose of writing this letter was that he had finally found his Guru which nature had bestowed upon him. He also addressed  a letter to his Father, which gave much relief to his family.  He had  advised us not to reply his letters as he was not having any permanent address there. He was only able to post his letters to us through some devotee who visited the place, where he stayed.   After elapse of one year I received another letter from him informing me that his Guru has ordered him to join an organised Ashram at Calcutta to become a permanent monk and also to continue his studies there. He completed his Master's degree in affiliated colleges of monastery and graduated to become a permanent monk. His family members also used to visit him there once in a year or so. He remained there for complete five years. Then he was transferred to the Singapore branch of monastery as Head priest.  I completely lost touch with him and his family due to the migration of our community from Kashmir.
    After few years I came to know that when he was transferred again from Singapore to India, he was reluctant to go back to India as he had developed sentimental  relations with a woman devotee of foreign  origin. But his monastery had strict rules and they send him a reliever. He left the Monastery and married the woman and got settled in Singapore for ever. Monastery people and his disciples  did not like his decision.  But  his old friends and  family members welcomed his decision and  realised that perhaps he has reconciled with  his life then.