Saturday, 30 May 2015

My wanderings 10

We  may consider ourselves very extravagant in expressing our views on  all the  affairs of life, but only one thing, which most of us  express very miserly is Gratitude. We never thank for what we already possess and we constantly complain about what we don't  possess. Actually human nature has been framed in such a manner  that we value the things which we don't possess and after possessing the same  we loose interest in them. This rat race of possessing things lands us in the deep mire of ingratitude  and vicious circle of desperation. By doing that we loose the precious moments of joy which the nature could provide us otherwise.
Nature has provided us with bounty of resources in the form of climate, sceneries and produce and same nature has provided us the faculties to enjoy them as well. But we are always ungrateful to his blessings and take them for granted. Moreover, we are in habit of complaining about what we don't possess. By doing this we loose even those things which we possess and are not in a position to gain more. By expressing Gratitude we can at least retain the things we possess and expect much more beyond that.
Let us first take example of our health. As far as we are having a good health we never express gratitude for it. We take it as a birth right and always far granted. But we start to value it  only as our health fails us due to ageing process or due to some disease or accident. Our senses like our vision,  hearing, taste smell or touch are very invaluable assets which we possess. Our  internal organs like our heart, brain,  lungs,  kidneys or liver are constantly working for us all the twenty four hours.  They are working for us even when we are sleeping and unaware of everything. Let us don't take every thing far granted and we should often express our gratitude to them. We should not complain for small material objects which we may not possess. A man was always disgusted with God as he could not purchase a shoe for himself until he saw a man without feet. We can even express gratitude to our internal organs by not overburdening them with  intoxicating drinks and smoking. We can give them relief by daily exercise so that they remain fit and fine to serve us better.
Our relationships and friendships are also important to us  as we are living in a society. We should highly value our relationships and friendships and often express our gratitude for that. These should not be taken  as burden but treated as an opportunity to develop our personality and the personality of others living with us. We should never adopt a selfish approach  while dealing with anyone, whosoever, by chance, comes across our way in usual course of business or otherwise.  Some people are in habit of occupying  seats in a bus by expanding their disposition and resting their enclosures to two seats even and look at another passenger with  an unwelcome gesture of intrusion. That should not be the attitude. Always make a space for another passenger and welcome his approach  as that will be your expression of  gratitude for relations.
Mostly people overburden themselves, sometimes even at the cost of their health,  to earn an extra buck. They are never satisfied. Greed and ingratitude overtakes their senses. They want to invest in properties, shares and Bank deposits. This is a never ending game and they don't really enjoy the life in true sense. These properties or deposits are hardly utilized by them latter on. The properties and shares remain at status quo and one fine morning he   bids  adieu to this mortal world. 
Therefore, a person should be thankful for whatever little he possesses and enjoy his  life nicely. A little food on ones  table a roof on  his head  with good health and loving companion is enough  for ones rejoicement and expressing gratitude to the Nature.