Thursday, 19 November 2015

My wanderings - 22. The old Man and a Girl

               An old man retired from public works,  a long ago  was living alone now, because his mother had died few years back. She was his only companion right from his birth as his father had died before his birth.  She  had brought up him as a child in much drudgery and poverty. She worked from Dawn to dusk tirelessly to provide all the facilities including a good education to his only son and never let him feel any sort of  deprivation   which could hamper his development. She did all the odd jobs including domestic help and baby sitter to make her both the ends meet. But the boy could not grew up as a smart and handsome youth to the much expectation of beautiful girls of his age. Perhaps much pampering of his mother or absence of his father had made his personality a bit oddly conspicuous. However he possessed a very good temperament and flawless character. With great difficulty he could arrange for his job but he was not able to find himself a match. Even her mother could not find a match for him through arranged marriages despite of her strenuous efforts. Most of the girls rejected him and left him dejected and finally he decided not to marry and spend his life in the service of his mother, who was growing old now.
              After the death of his mother he was feeling detached and forlorn. Now the meaninglessness of life was haunting him more  than the  fear of approaching death. He could not feel any significant difference between the two that is life and death.
In the meantime he grew up a friendship with a beautiful and young girl through social media. They started exchanging text messages and came to know about  each other through it. It was really a hilarious experience for the old man. He started to feel a thrill in his life. He would wait hours together to receive her messages or exchange Greetings with her. She was a young orphan girl living with her distant relative. She was a student and taking a few tuitions also. They came to know about the life of each other through exchange of messages or telephone calls, if necessary. The old man started giving her advices on all the matters of concern and helped her to seek even a job  by accompanying her on the day of interview in Public works, where  he could arrange for the recommendations. The old man found a purpose in life. He derived the joy  by helping this young girl . The girl also developed a faith on old man and began to share all the secrets with him. She also sought advices of old man where ever necessary. Old man also helped her sincerely, wherever his resources allowed him and sometimes even out of turn. The faculties of old man began to sharpen day by day and he  could give sagacious advices to girl, which were well appreciated by her. The drudgery of young girl also lessened with the passage of time.   The love and affection is a mutual understanding between two individuals with a bond of trust and good faith which can not be confined to a particular relation, age or caste.
In the meantime girl was in affair  with her colleague, who wanted to marry her. The girl gave her consent and disclosed all about her relationship with the old man to the boy. He appeared to be suspicious of this relationship and never allowed the girl to meet the old man again. When old man came to know about this he  felt very sad. But no sooner he recovered from this gloom than he nominated the girl as the heir of her all movable and immovable property.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Wanderings - 20 Relationship. Husband and wife

The hero of my story is a common young man who falls in love with a beautiful woman of his age and marries her with the mutual consent of their parents with out any  hurdles. The mutual understanding and love lasted for fifteen years of  their marriage. In the meantime they gave birth to two children son and a daughter. After fifteen years they began to feel intolerant  about each other  and finding faults became their usual course of business. The husband  got highly  disgusted with the nagging behaviour of his wife. The wife  also could not tolerate the autocratic attitude of her husband any more.  Moreover, they got fed up with each others company and the glitter of marriage which remained for few years  began to fade away in the due course of time.
The husband preferred to stay more in office in the company of his lady  colleague who was very fashionable and having very good etiquettes. She had also a  fine  figure always draped in minimum clothing as per the demand of latest fashion and finery. Moreover lady was also married and  having  two children. She was not also satisfied with the marriage and very critical of her own vagabond spouce.  The company of lady gave much solace to the husband and he began to spent more time with her.  The lady appeared to him more accommodative and intelligent.  Both developed a relationship and husband could not resist the temptation of her  looks any more, which she enhanced with beauty aids. He announced his decision  of divorcing his wife and marrying the lady after reaching home. 
Leo Tolostoy once said, " why gambling is forbidden and not the dressing up of women in  the prostitutecal finery, particularly meant to excite men, is not  forbidden. That is thousand times dangerous than gambling. But the idea of tolostoy is very old and not applicable to present times. He would  not have been tolerated by women rights activists, had he been living presently and  had expressed such a point of view  on women. Now we believe that  it is the male  mindset which  is responsible for rapes and broken marriages and not the dressing up of women. Convictions and values change  and society becomes more permissive with the passage of time which leaves no scope for judging the ethics of both the statements.
While resuming the story, the wife is taken aback on hearing the immediate decision of her husband to leave her for another women. But good sense prevails upon  her  and she reconciles with the reality and agrees to leave  her immoral husband and live an independent life.
But the lady in question was neither in mood to leave her  children nor her  vagabond spouce. The relationship which she had developed with the man was sort of escapism sought by her from the drudgery of her routine life, with out considering the implications of it.
Now the man had no other alternative but to remain contended with his wife. The wife stoically continued the relation with no emotional scope for love or hate in it. Now she never nagged or loved her husband  and the man who was under emotional breakdown never interfered in the matters of his wife. His possessive nature ,which he changed now, had made him autocratic.
                  Marriages are arranged in heaven and celebrated on earth, made for each other couples, Soul mates. These quotes sound very pleasant and lovely but this may not be true in reality. Human nature is subject to change and no man or even for that matter of fact woman can claim to remain loyal to their spouses through out their lives. Every person gets bored after living with the same individual for years together and it is not surprising if he or she looks for an  alternate relationships. But how most of the couples remain together in spite of this trait of human behaviour  present in all and only few persons prove  themselves rebellions by separating with each otherIt is not  only the love that  binds the couple to remain  together  but habit of living together and mutual interest  in their children which persuades them to live together throughout their lives