Sunday, 27 September 2015

My wanderings - 17. She

She personified divinity with a glow  on her radiant face  expressing grace and glory of feminity. Her dark black and long hair  over flanking  her white shoulders created a spectacle of contrast. Her dowry consisted of pearls and gold. Pearls in her mouth and gold in her heart. Not only her heart but she was worth her weight equal to gold because  of  her generosity and high character.  No body could dare to speak of her virginity  as she was epitome of innocence and sincerity from head to heels. As all were jubilant to welcome the newly wed  bride, destiny was playing its own part to lessen the joy of newly created union.
The new bride being very honest and sincere confided to her groom on the very first night  about the assault on her modesty  in her childhood by some unscrupulous relative.
All the joy and enthusiasm of groom connected  with marriage evaporated into thin air despite his rationale outlook. He could not reconcile to the reality,  which he desperately wanted to be a prank played by his wife  and persuaded her to confirm it as a lie. But the wife being honest to the core of heart  could not change her statement. The bride on visualising the frustration of her groom wept bitterly throughout the night. All the good qualities of bride appeared to under weigh her only one disqualification to which she was neither a party nor had given her consent.
The mind of groom got influenced with the bias against his bride to the extent that he began to think it  as a  crime of honour committed by the latter  against him. His mind was full of revenge and lost all love and sympathy for his bride. A visible crack began to appear in their newly developed relationship.  Not a single idea of reconciliation occurred  in the mind of Groom.
But time is a great healer. After few days a good sense prevailed  upon the  Groom. His thinking began to show signs of change. He realised that fighting  duals and crime of honour are talk of bygone days and only reflect the memories of barbarian era. If we can not protect the   dignity of women, we have no right to decline the marriage on  such flimsy issues. These days scores of  incidents appear on Newspapers, where modesty of women is said to have  been outraged or assaulted. Even small girls are not being spared. Who is responsible for it. Unless the male mindset is changed, no body can point a finger towards the modesty of woman. If the man is responsible for all these rapes and exploitation of woman, he can not escape the responsibility of providing safe and dignified future for such exploited women. Chastity of mind and soul is more important than the chastity of body. Body is mortal and soul is immortal.  With these thoughts in mind Groom deeply regretted for his rude  behavior with his newly wed wife and went to ask for her apologies. Then they lived happily ever after.