Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My Wanderings - 30. Jagti Township

                                 It was really a great endeavour on behalf of Kamini Kaul ji,  my friend and  a colleague , who came all the way from Mumbai to pay a visit to Jagti Township to  meet and enquire about the  condition of unfortunate brothers and sisters of our community, who are living there  in much  agony and desperate conditions . My another friend and colleague  Mr. P. K. Mam and myself also joined  her in this generous  mission . It was actually returning to our roots. I am living in Jammu for the last twenty six years, after  the migration of our community from Kashmir. But I remained so busy in improving my lot  exclusively that I never thought about visiting the less privileged members of my community living in camps in Jammu and Nagrota. Though after  my retirement from public service I wrote many articles on the fate of Kashmiri pandits which were  also published in many community magazines. But I could  never  feel the pulse of my community health  so distinctly audable till I visited the Jagti Township and that too on the insistence  of Kamini ji. It was really disappointing and heart wrenching  experience.  There are many tales of agony  and distress to narrate. Many families at Jagti Township are living from  hand to mouth on the monthly doles of Government only. Some people are suffering from killer diseases  and require a lot of money for treatment. Others  are suffering from psychological disorders, who require proper attention and look after. we  can actually  assess the problems of our community at the grass root  level only. Earlier I was having  a notion that  although our generation has borne the brunt of  migration from our native land but our children have managed to get themselves well settled through out the length and breadth of our country and even to foreign lands .  I was shocked to learn  that most of our young generation has been left to  lurch at Jagti Township. They are well educated but with out jobs. The job frustration had led them even to drug addiction. But it is because of the opening of Sonu Orzu Gym that most of the young people have adopted this healthy approach of life and left drugs for good. We were advised that they are even planning to open a library and career council cell  besides Gym to help the young generation to find jobs etc. These reforms require financial help from Govt bodies, NGO's and voluntary agencies. Kamini ji also contributed towards some required articles for Gym. Sonu ji In charge of Gym is also providing his services for  uplifting the quality of youth living there at   relentlessly and with dedication.    Many imminent personalities of our community like Sh. Anupam Kher, Sh. Ashok Pandita  Dr. Vivek Kaul and Sh. Moti Lal Kaul have already visited the place and are  trying to improve the quality of life thereat by whatever resources they possess. But it requires a wholesome effort  on the part of Govt. to provide free hospitalisation for sick and jobs for the eligible candidates on priority basis . our community leaders should also assess the problems faced by our community at Jagti township and try to honestly redress their grievances.
Moreover, all the members of our community should come forward  voluntarily and make all over efforts  to help our brothers and sisters in distress.